To ensure the health and safety of our faculty and students, The Guelph Academy of Dance Inc. is following all guidelines and protocols set in place by Wellington Dufferin Guelph Public Health and the Ontario Government.

To read the full WDGPH COVID-19 Guidance for Summer camps:


Day Camp group size – All summer camp cohorts are restricted to 10 participants in total. Two faculty members will be teaching a maximum of eight dancers in total. Briana Lynch will be the main point of contact throughout each session and will be cleaning and managing the overall facility each day.

Social distancing while inside the studio – The studio has three large dance studios that accommodate social distancing – each camper will have a large area to themselves. The minis (5-6-year-olds) have a 10-foot by 8-foot square. The Inters and the Seniors (7-11 years) have a 14-foot by 8-foot square. Social distanced boxes will be marked on the floor using gaffers tape and a floor decal.

Personal Belongings – Please minimize the number of items brought to camp this summer.  Items should be limited to lunch bags, water bottles, one towel, running shoes and one pair of dance shoes or socks.  Participants cannot go barefooted this summer – shoes or socks must be worn inside the dance studio.  Campers will have a designated spot for their belongings.  Please do not send stuffed animals or other personal items.

Sun Screen – Parents are responsible for applying sunscreen before coming to camp.  Older children must use their own sunscreen.


Cohorts – Each cohort will work independently throughout the week.  The minis, inters and seniors will be assigned their own dance studio, washroom, entrance and exit and the rooms are all individually ventilated by separate HVAC systems.  Cohorts will not mingle throughout the week and will be assigned a separate outdoor space.

Musical Theatre – We will not be singing in Musical Theatre this summer; the campers will lip-sync all lyrics.  When possible, we will run the Musical Theatre classes outside.

Super Fun Day – Super Fun Day will be run at the studio this season with socially distanced games and activities, arts and crafts, a scavenger hunt and freezies.

Use of the outside space – Whenever possible, we will take advantage of the outdoor space at the front and the back of the building. Storytime, Yoga, Musical Theatre, Art and all snack and lunch breaks will be outside – weather permitting.

Dance Showcase – At the end of the camp week, each age group will showcase what they have accomplished by mounting an outdoor presentation.  The cohorts will be spaced far apart in the area behind the studio.  The large area provides ample space to distance the groups socially.  The performance is limited to campers, teachers and Briana. 


Campers and staff must be screened before entering the studio each day by a staff member wearing PPE. Parents must wear masks at drop off and pick up and maintain a six-foot distance.  Hand sanitizer will be present, and the area will be sanitized between each family.

To ensure social distancing, parents will sign up for a specific drop off time that will remain constant throughout the week. Drop off and Pick up will be staggered in 5-minute intervals. Drop off runs 8:30 – 9:05 am and Pick up runs 4:00 – 4:35 pm. If you have children in two separate age groups, you must sign up in two different time slots. Eg. Your 5-6-year-old is dropped off at 8:30 am, and your 7-8-year-old is dropped off at 8:35 am.

Parents must provide their children’s temperature at drop off each morning, and must verbally confirm:

Teachers and staff must also provide their temperatures and submit a full screening each day.

Entry into the studio facility is limited to campers, teachers and Briana.  Parents will pick up and drop off all campers outside.

Entry will be denied to anyone who does not fully complete daily screening or if the individual has any symptoms related to COVID-19.


We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting throughout each camp day. Light switches, doorknobs, ballet barres, stereo equipment and other frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected every hour. Bathrooms and common areas will also be frequently cleaned throughout the day. The studio uses products that are safe and have a Drug Identification Number (DIN). A log of cleaning practices will be kept in each studio and at the front desk.

Each camper will be assigned an individual craft box for the week – scissors, markers, glue sticks and other craft items will not be shared. 

Each cohort will have an outside toy bin, and all items are made of a material that can be cleaned and disinfected.  Every item in the toy bin will be sanitized after lunch.


Please, before sending your child to camp, ensure they know how to wash their hands properly.  Signage is posted in each bathroom.  All campers and staff must wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds using soap and warm water.  Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will also be available in each studio as well as the outside toy bin.

All campers must wash their hands when they enter the facility.  Campers will wash their hands at drop off, after outdoor activities, before eating and before leaving for the day.  We will also encourage campers not to touch their face.

The studio has automatic touch-free soap dispensers, hot and cold water and disposable paper towels.  Bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized frequently throughout the day.


The individual who displays symptoms will be immediately moved away from the other camp participants and supervised by Briana in an assigned area until their parents or guardian can pick them up.  The purple changeroom off of the reception area is the designated waiting area – the floor in the change room is easily cleaned and sterilized, and the ventilation for the changeroom only circulates with the reception area.  Briana will be in full PPE while waiting for parental pick up.  Parents whose children develop symptoms will be asked to have their child tested for COVID-19 – advice directly from the WDGPH.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Briana Lynch by email or by phone (519) 822-2697

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