Well – this is a first and one that I hope we don’t have to repeat in the future.  The studio is closed today, Monday April 16th, due to the ice storm.  Our policy is to cancel all classes when the UGDSB and WCDSB close completely (unless due to cold weather).  I wish I could predict what tonight will bring, but if the temperature dips again and we get the snow they’re predicting, roads will be far too unsafe to risk driving to dance.

I’ve reached out to all of the teachers and they are emailing me their recital music.  I will send an additional email in about an hour with your dancer(s) song(s) so they can practice at home.  Mondays are fortunate to always have one extra dance class before we move to E.L. Fox for dress rehearsals, we’ll still have two weeks to clean dances before photo day on Monday May 7th.

Ticket deadline day is this Thursday April 19th.  The studio will be open 10am – 8:00pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to stop by if you have not dropped off your order yet.

I hope that you are enjoying a cozy day at home, but if you’re out on the roads – please be safe!